Perfect Binder Professional

Professional Entry Level Machine


PBA 200 is suited to traditional and digital printers who require short to medium runs of PUR perfect bound books to a professional standard. PBA 200 is equipped with a measure table system able to keep the book size and insert on the PLC automatically. The clamp setting is automatic, and the cutting and nothching station is variable as position( 0-2 mm ) for permit to produce sew books. It use a hermetic closed gluing system where the spine and side gluing is automatically applied by a slot applicator for the utmost binding quality and accuracy. Press system could be set as time, position and power.


Technical Details


Books per hour Up to 250
Number of clamps 1
Touch screen Yes
Maximum book size 420 mm x 330 mm
Minimum book size 120 mm x 120 mm
Block/spine thickness 2 – 50 mm
Cover dimension maximum 710 mm x 420 mm
Cover dimension minimum 242 mm x 140 mm
Cover weight 120 - 400 gsm
Dimensions L 2000 mm x W 1200 mm x H 1650 mm
PUR glue tank capacity 2 kg
Machine weight 450kg
Power req. KW 220v 50 Hz, single phase – 5 Kw
Compressed Air Max. static working pressure: 6 bar to 9 bar
Diameter of the compressed air inlet fitting: Ø 8 mm
Consumption max of compressed air: 130 Nl/h

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