Ribbon Machine RM01

RM01 is a smart solution for every customer want to produce books with ribbon in a simple way and economically. Book is opened manually from the operator and put on the support that is variable under the width of the book size (01). One time the book is on position will be just necessary press the bottom and as first machine will be apply automatically glue on top (02), fix the head of the ribbon on book spine (03) and cut the ribbon on bottom at measure fix from customer (04). Everything is made automatically without operator assistance. When job is made, the operator will remove the book (05) from the support and will re insert again another book.

Books per hour Up to 350
Number of books per time 1
Touch screen No
Maximum book size 350 mm x 250 mm
Minimum book size 70 mm x 100 mm
Block/spine thickness 5 – 50 mm
Machine Weight 35 Kg
Dimensions 1300 x 380 x 600
Power req. 220v 50 Hz 3 P.
Compressed Air 1 bar


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Ribbon Machine RM02

Machine operation

RM02 Ribbon is an automatic machine for the laying of the ribbon bookmark.

It is possible to put it in line to your others
machines, between the Three-knives Trimmer and the Rounding and Backing machine or as independent unity. In both cases you will have available a rapid change of format. Putting your books or notebooks in the store feeder, the automatic system will carry them toward the input direction, therefore the machine open the book, to the cut of the ribbon bookmark; all in automatic mode with a continuous movement and with a high speed and quality of the process.


Standard Equipment:

Rapid change size
Inserting ribbon
Cutting ribbon
Turning ribbon
Adjustable production speed

Option equipment :

Option Unit of Glue tank Hot Melt 


Technical data book :

min : 100 x 150 mm

max : 230 x 350 mm


Thickness of book : 

min : 10 mm

max : 55 mm


Mechanical speed: 3000 cycles / hour


Power requirements: 2 kW


Machine weight: 450 kg


Floor space: 3700 x 120000 x 1500 mm

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