Prontotec Italia is a partner company of PRONTOTEC GmbH, a company founded more than 10 years ago as a component manufacturer for the aerospace industry. He then expanded his production offering, thanks to the design and manufacture of specialty machinery, and became involved in various fields, such as graphic arts, textiles and manufacturing, and deployed his business with distribution of electrical and hardware components. The core business has always been innovation: investing in research and development to always offer new solutions that can solve, in various fields, the self-imposed limits by those who are bound by over-rooted ideas in the reference industry, therefore unable to see and go different ways, in order to solve a problem. PRONTOTEC GmbH today launches a new challenge by organizing a structure that this time is dedicated to the graphic world, but aimed at emerging and growing markets such as South America, Africa and especially Asia. In these areas, the demands for high-tech, European manufacturing products and high quality standards are just the same as the difficulties and burdens associated with the protection of their respective domestic markets. Production quality is ensured by the creation of a "technology pole" entirely Italian, created by close collaboration with brands whose qualitative value was recognized.



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