Gluing Board Book Binding Machine

Technology and Performance

The COMB.IT is designed to build a book block consisting of any number of quarter-folded four-page sections printed on one side only, which are glued together. This type of book block preparation is required in particular for the production of digitally printed albums, photo books or board books for children in high and medium quantities. The machine can use PVA glue gun applicator that can work on full area or in section. Considering the book dimension from 300 to 450 mm the gluing system is build from 15 to 20 Gun designed from Expert manufacturer on paper feeld.


Key product features:

Up to 200 Sheets per minute
Touch screen operation with automatic set up
Binding length (spine) from 70 mm up to 320 mm with option 500 mm.
Paper from 150 gr. to 500 gr. to 2.5 mm
Double feeder System
Accumulator integrated
Book Press Integrated
Patent System for Glue Spot
Automatic glue cut-off

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