Casemaker BC1and BC1 Light

Professional entry Level solution

BC1 is the smallerst casemaker on range of PRONTOTEC. The new version 2019 of the machine , ready to be introduced on market and already installed on customer place represent the latest evolution of the experience of PRONTOTEC in this small field.

Ergonomic solution with industrial caracteristic at European construction

The new BC1 is the only small casemaker in themarket to be equipped with a vacum belt for introduce automatically cover inside the folding unit. This is a revolutionary way to see the case production that permit to get more performance and high productivity as well on small model.

Heavy construction and PLC with Touch screen 7 Inch

well made with components on top quality BC1 on basic version is the only one to use a touch pannel color of 7 Inch for his control and set up.

More automation and performance

starting from basic machine, it is possible to upgrade on model with board feeder and second folding separate for improve the speed and get higher output under 450 covers per hour, starting from a basic model able to produce 200 pieces hour.

Casemaker High Speed


The front and back boards are hopper fed into the machine and precisely registered by pushers so as to achieve perfect alignment with the cover material; The machine can process flexible spine material fed from a roll or rigid spine fed from the board hopper; Cover material is also hopper loaded continuously without stopping the machine, then transferred to the glue application roller by a precise gripper
cylinder in perfect register; Board and cover are combined in continuous rotary motion in perfect
register for bubble-free gluing; The cases are then transferred to the folding and pressing stations by means of a lifting transport assembly  a balanced reciprocating arm with suction heads, which eliminates scratch on the cover;
In the downward movement of the transport suckers, the cover material extending over the board is folded 90 degree, and then drawn over the board by brush covered folding bars
with corner tucking fingers to ensure tight and accurate folds; The cases are then transported through the final pressing station to a counter
stacker, delivering piles of finished cases
on to a roller conveyor to the operator.

Special Futures

High speed and stability ensures high output
Wide application and size range
Fast and simple changeover
High reliable/versatile non-stop cover feeder
Precise and bubble-free gluing
Viscosity controller guarantees 

low glue consumption and improves efficiency;
Brush covered folding bars with corner
tucking fingers make tight and accurate folding ;
Lifting transport eliminates scratch and
saves energy;
Loading of board, cover material and
unloading of finished cases in the same
area, and all machine operations
completely visible to operator, which
saves labour
Fine-tuning can be made on-the-fly for
register control
Loading station opens for easy access to
gluing rollers for fast


In questa sezione vi teniamo aggiornati sulle novità di PRONTOTEC ITALIA SRL.

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