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New deliver in MEXICO for one PPL01

Printaform has a great history that dates back to 1961, the year in which it began its operations with pre-printed forms and some other components; In the 80's, Printaform ventured into the computer market with great success, to the point of becoming one of the best-selling brands of computer equipment in the entire Mexican Republic. PRINTAFORM satisfy your need for products at the best prices and with the quality that characterizes us and we send them to any part of the Mexican Republic. Today Printaform invested in one new Pen Loop machine for his new season. Happy to be part of this new adveture. 

New arrival for an Elastic Band Machine PEM01

New delivery this week for One #elastic band machine in Netherlands. This Is the First machine in this country. Thanks to Mr Huib for his trust and help. Now they are ready for new season of his great agenda. Stay in touch for more details...



New PRONTO END PAPER installed in Italy

Amore profondo per la tradizione, sguardo rivolto alle tecnologie del futuro. Queste le cifre stilistiche di Skillpress, tipografia online specializzata nella stampa digitale online. Skillpress oggi investe nuovamente su tecnologia di ultima generazione per realizzare un blocco libro professionale con risguardi e garza in tandem con le brossure #HORIZON. Skillpress ha così scelto #PRONTO per preparare i suoi libri a copertina rigida e H01 come capitellatrice. #PRONTOTEC ringrazia Skillpress per la fiducia riservata. 

New installation in USA

New installation in USA for the end paper machine PRONTO. For his short run department and build the book block at top quality MIMEO choose PRONTO. Learn more about that and contact us ..

New delivery in ROMANIA

Founded in 2004, our company offers clients premium quality offset and digital printing services. GRAFOANAYTIS is known, in particular, for the quality of its products, short execution times and flexible way of collaborating with customers. The policy of our printing house is to establish together with each client the strategies and products suitable for promotion needs and to achieve a mutually beneficial collaboration with our partners. Today we invested in new equipment for Hard Case Equipment and we choosed PRONTOTEC.

New installation in SPAIN

New deliver in SPAIN for a PRONTO End Paper Machine. We are going to complete the installation of new PRONTO end paper machine to a customer interest to develop his hard cover department. Thanks to everyone for the hard job made and great results obtained. 

Drupa 2024

We are working on new projects and solution on way to keep our next DRUPA 2024 the best one never made. For plan everything perfect every project need the right time so we already planned to start the 2023 investing in the new project for arrive ready to the most important event in the gaphic art market. More soon !

New CT100 in USA


As a printing solutions provider specializing in high-profile and award-winning books, Worzalla has been manufacturing and printing quality books for over a century. Worzalla creates a product that educates, inspires, entertains and intrigues millions of people around the world. Team members are an important part of the Company. The work ethic of Worzalla’s talented team members keeps them competitive and highly regarded in the North American book market. For many years Worzalla has been a leader in the printing and packaging of thin books for children. Since 1995, Worzalla has been manufacturer of thin books with a high speed CT100 casing in machine. After 28 years Worzalla returns to invest in a CT100 line doubling its production capacity. Prontotec thanks Worzalla for the renewed confidence in this new investment.

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