PRONTO End Paper Machine

Basic Version

The simple one PRONTO version is with the manual feeding paper. Machine in that case works just with right effort of operator and is able to produce 250 "covers" per hour on size 420 x 350 mm

Automatic Version

The machine has automatic set up and, on base version, the operator needs only to insert the thickness of book spine plus a margin of 1.5 mm per side and the dimension of paper (from head to base of book) to adjust the knife that cut the gauze at the right measure. In its version “PLUS”, PRONTO is equipped with two automatic feeders for the pre folded end- sheets which allow to work without operator.

Process of work



Feeding Automatically end paper material
Feeding gauze material from roller
Assembly station paper fold + gauze
Pressing station

Technical Details

Machine size

1.800×1.500 ×800 mm

Max opened size 420 ×350 mm

Min opened size 100 ×100 mm

Center board 2 - 80 mm

Paper  thickness 80-400 g


400 pcs/min


380 V/220V

Power 0.15 kw

Weight 500 Kg

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