Hard Cover Binding

Professional Hard Cover binding solution for offset and digital printers. From one copy to 1.500 copy hour, PRONTOTEC can satisfy your needs with a single machine or entire line of production with all operation in sequence. Choose the right line under your needs.

End Paper Machine

PRONTO is an automatic machine designed to combine folded endpapers with a pre-glued lining material. The resulting product can be fed like a cover in   a conventional perfect binder, thus obtaining a book block ready for hard cover casing-in. Ideal for Photo Books, Albums and conventional Books in small runs. Pre-folded endpapers are loaded onto the Feeder station (optional), accurately registered and combined with the pre sensitized lining material which comes from a roll and will be automatically cut to the required size on top and on base. The combined end sheets are delivered in pile onto an easily accessible receiving table for removal.

Casing in Machine

PT is an easy to use, compact and strong semiautomatic casing in machine. It’s equipped with manual book block feeder and a dedicated cover positioning system. The gluing system is conventional: two rollers apply the glue on the end papers when the book block is lift in the tower. After the match of hard cover and book block, the book is ready to be transferred by the operator directly in the press unit. There is different ways to produce an hard cover book: it can be handmade, in a semiautomatic system using more operators or
with totally automatic machines. The choice depends, first of all, from the quality wanted for the finished book. 

Tail Band H01 & H02

The Head Tail Band is a flexible and compact unit for the application of head and tail band on round and square book blocks. This extremely easy to use machine is the perfect solution for medium and small book binding companies. The head/tail band is joined to the glue strip before being applied to the book spine. Due to its working concept the machine does not require cleaning at the end of the production.
There is different ways to produce an hard cover book: it can be handmade, in a semiautomatic system using more operators or with totally automatic machines. Machine is available in 1 and 2 head, with differents output from 300 books per hour to 700.

Casemaker & Box

Since the beginning PRONTOTEC supplied technical solutions for book binding and, particularly, engineering and building of special casing-in machines for hard cover books and similar, with superior performances if compared to conventional industrial book binding lines. These machines are the "historical" products of the company. The service for case making machines produced from one German company became by time another important business Area, which is also based on a specific and long term experience (15 years). It ranges from spare parts and customer service to the total rebuilding of used machines. Now there is the evolution : one versatile and flexible case maker, make-ready time of less 15 minutes, and production rate of 60 cycle per minute, all this under control of one operator.

RIBBON insert machine

Automatic and semiautomatic solution for insert mark on book in line and off line. Compact automatic, high performance , RM01 and RM02 are the 2 solutions PRONTOTEC is offering for this kind of special applications on bible , books, agenda, diary.

ELASIC Band Machine

Semi-automatic machine to thread and to glue one flat elastic tape 5-10 mm up to 12 mm large ( option ) onto flat agenda covers. Simple machine that works in 2 step and fix with Hot Glue the Elastic represent the only easier and professional solution at right price for your ROI in the Graphics art Market.   System work at step in 3 different operation in sequence : Perforation, inserting and cutting under measure, gluing the elastic fixing the position. All these operation are executed in sequence without any interference from the operator. He need just to insert it and remove it at the end of the cycle when he will get the notice from a light green in front of him.




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