Prontotec Creasing & Folding Machine

Board book folding machine is independent research & develop by PRONTOTEC. It is a advanced technology machine with high efficiency, high production capacity performance to cut down the labor and sub-material cost.


1. Advanced & reasonable unique structure make easy operation & stable performance.

2. Book gluing require very few glue consumption, machine is high working speed, stable & high quality output with much lower labor cost.

3. Unique and advanced structure design can protect book from bending, make sure the finished products in read condition.

Technical Details

Machine Speed: 600 m/min

Paper Sheet Thickness: 200 -600 gsm

Min. Paper Size: 100 mm*150 mm

Max. Paper Size: 600 mm* x 720 mm

Machine Total Power: 4KW

Machine Dimension: 5.800 mm x 850 mm x 1.400 mm

Electric power 115VAC 60 HZ 2.0A or 230VAC 50/60 Hz 1.0 A

Shipping weight 1.200 kg 

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