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New installation in KOREA  for an Elastic Band Machine

New delivery in KOREA market for the smart solution PEM01. PEM01 had represented a chainge in the market philosophy for this kind of application; it is now a solution that can permit to all customers to keep this operation automatically without any effort or special capacity. With PEM01 will be possible now produce Diaries and Notebook with TOP quality at minimum cost with a performance of 600 pieces per hour and best quality available in the market.  



New installation in MALAYSIA  for an Elastic Band Machine

We are happy that a new Machine was delivered in Malaysia to one of the most important player in the notebook and agenda production in the area. It represent the third unit sent in the area after the other sent to KOREA market. Month by month we are winning the trust of customer in this field where we are pioneer. Let's work again and again for invest in the future and satisfy new company witha great and smart solution.

New installation in Bolivia for one PBA600 Perfect Binder PUR

New year start with installation of a Perfect Binder PBA600 in South America. The machine in PUR version arrive to customer during the holiday time and will be at the end of the month officially in production. With automatic change size, speed of 500 books hour the new PBA600 represent a profetional solution that include innovation and performance for produce soft cover books and under request, book block with option of end paper and gauze.


PCC01 New installation

  New delivery in USA market for the smart solution PCC01. With our satisfaction it represent the first machine of this model, as new design, in the USA and customer in NY acquired it for use as round corner cutter unit off line. On 2020 will be available the in line unit built on experience of this machine. We are sure it will represent a interesting solution and a suitable equipment for many other customers all over the world.  

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