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New installation in Netherlands  for a PRONTO Machine

We are waiting the arrival of a Brand new PRONTO in Netherland. The first one of new series. We are praud that customer choose us and decide to invest in his hard case dipartment in this complicated time. Stay in touch and soon we will keep you informed showing the machine in operation !


New delivery in USA  for an H01 Head Tail Band Machine

We are happy that a new Machine was delivered today in USA. The H01 is the professional compact solution for apply the Head Tail Band on the hard cover book. Smart, compact, strong, together with H02 represent the great opportunity for all the book binders to keep automatically one process that usually in short run is made by hand. No installation is required, no manteinance, no spare parts. A great solution for every tatget of customer !

Integration of Book Block preparation in one PANTERA MM

One of latest job made in March was put in operation one PANTERA Perfect Binder with our PRONTO End Paper Machine. As from caracteristic of this model of MM, PANTERA can not works as book block machine for added End paper + Gauze. As great soft cover machine with more than 100 installation, can work with EVA or PUR under the configuration but just for the production of Soft Cover Books....  

PRONTO End Paper Machine New installation

 New PRONTO End Paper installation in CZ. A new automatic machine was installed with succesful in EUROPE and will permit to a new customer to produce book block high quality in short runs. The COVID Emergency was keeping in delay some new instalaltion but from the time the Europeans countryes has open again everything start to went to the normality. 

New installation in EUROPE  for an Elastic Band Machine

New year , new installation. Continue the sales of the machine model PEM01 in Europe. The last one installed few weeks ago in Europe represent a win win case for this kind of solution leader in his section. Now  season of the Notebook is finish but customer start already to plan the new one for June. the PEM01 represent a smart automatic machine that cut 80% of job of operator and in one pass is able to obtain a TOP quality Elastic application. Contact us for more details.

New installaltion in EAST EUROPE for one PT600 Automatic Casing in Line

The First Casing in line of year 2020 was succesfully installed in January to a offset printing customer that produce high quality books in short run for local market and export. The PT600 is one traditional casing in machine with automatic book feeder, automatic cover feeder, cover forming , profesional interface and pressing and nipping machine in line. With a capacity of his 600 copy represent the unique solution in this range in the actual market.

New installation for an Elastic Band Machine

New installation on 2020 for the smart solution PEM01. PEM01 had represented a chainge in the market philosophy for this kind of application as we said already few times during the 2019; it is now a solution that can permit to all customers to keep this operation automatically without any effort or special capacity. Use it for your Diaries and Notebook with TOP quality at minimum cost with a performance of 600 pieces per hour and best quality available in the market.  If you are a printer and you are searching a solution for improve your capacity, this is the solution.

RM01 New delivery in Mali

Semi-automatic machine for added the ribbon insert on book block with traditional quality ! this is the latest investment made from INP CF Printing House in Mali after that last year they purchase a Casing in Machine PT600 with Head tail band H02. After the first installation in Mali of an automatic casing in line, the customer still invest in hard case adding some other new equipment for improve the quality of his religion books and edition books. Happy to see that company like this still invest and get great results on his business. 

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