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First Korean cutomer for the Elastic Band Machine

First delivery of PEM01 Elastic Band Machine in Korea. With local support of Linertec Corp. PRONTOTEC get delivered the first machine of this model in KOREA. With our satisfaction it represent the first automatic machine working in South Korea of this type and we are sure it will represent not the last one. We would like to thanks Mr. Jusung Kim for his trust and efforts to develop this important business and open the door for new opportunity in this great country.  


Soon other update

Polish Company JAVRO ZO.O invest in one Elastic Band Machine

New delivery of PEM01 Elastic Band Machine to JAVRO 2 Sp. Zo.o  professional company that from 1978  producing high quality Diaries and Agenda in Poland as  second generation. We are proud to get the second installation in Poland in just one month. JAVRO 2 as leading company located in Katowice, Poland where they produce 100% of their products with latest technology available in the market as KOLBUS machines and few other famouse brand. All this had permit them to become one of the most respectable company in Poland and in Europe for the Agenda and Diaries field.


Polish Leader Choose a new Pen Loop

One of the TOP manufacturer of Agenda and Diaries in Poland with over 3.5 Million of products per year get choose PRONTOTEC Pen Loop for his season. Machine just installed in Poznan was bought after a long research from customer that with his long experience in this field represent one of the TOP manufacturer in terms of quality and quantity. We are proud to annunce that and get a new model installed already in Poland. We will update with new details on the next few weeks; keep in contact and ask us for more details.

New Children Board Book Line installation

We are pround to annunce that a new line dedicated to realize Board Book was deliver to one customer in Russia. The start up of this new automatic system is fixed for the next few weeks on customer place and it will continue the other installation made for the same model  in Ukraine and Asia. The solution we offer is keeping a great interest of our customer all over the world as the only automatic modular line offered and sold in few units already in Europe and out of it. With the speed of up 200 sheets per minute, full pages, spot glue etc it represent a perfect match between technology and tradiction.

Few different possibility as configuration with folding in line, or off line with gathering studied for board material again in line or off line.

Choose the best configuration for you and contact us ; we will be happy to show you the different opportunities we can meet with it and offer you the best solution under your needs.


Soon other update ...

New Installation in Poland

The continue evolution of hard case market get move our customer to consider to automatize some process that was only manually before. The H02 for sure is the solution that was choose from our Polish customer to develop his production and keep faster it. This is why he invested on a new H02 Head Tail Band Machine. We expect that soon he would consider as well the casing in line as Model PT600 as a reasonable solution for change radicaly the workflow of his company.

Thanks to FANTOM SERWIS for his help and cooperation on Polish market.


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Digital Team investe nel libro a copertina rigida

Digital Team è un’azienda fondata nel 1990 a Fano, in provincia di Pesaro Urbino. L’azienda si rivolge principalmente al settore della media e piccola
editoria.  A queste attività si aggiunge il servizio di stampa a colori, a cui
ricorrono agenzie di marketing, comunicazione, studi grafici e
tipografie. Digital Team è in grado di fornire una vasta gamma di soluzioni
avanzate e personalizzate di stampa e opzioni di finitura: brossura
fresata, cucitura a filo refe, punto metallico, spirale ed a oggi libri a copertina rigida. L’azienda produce circa 1,7 milioni di libri all’anno. La tiratura media è di 300 copie per titolo. Con macchine di ultima generazione che vanno dalla stampa alla finitura di pregio, Digital Team entra definitivamente nel mondo del libro a copertina rigida offrendo un sevizio e una qualità professionale. 


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