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Elastic Band Machine PEM01

Professional smart solution for added the elastic band of your agenda and diarie or notebook in a profetional way. Compact, simple, fast represent the best solution in the market for this application

Pen Loop Machine model PPL01

Compact and fatest machine for added the pen loop by hotmelt glue. the most economical way and the suitable tecnology to solve this kind of work in just 1 meter square.

PRONTO End Paper Machine

Compact solution for affed end paper and gauze on your book block in tandem with your perfect binder. PRONTO is the new way to produce book block in short run and simple way.

Ribbon Insert Machine Model RM01

RM01 as the profesional solution for added the ribbon isert on your book. it use a thermal cutting for safety the quality with every material you will decide to use.

Tail Band Machine H01 

Professional smart solution for added the head Tail band on Book Block for hard Case binding.

Corner Cutter model PCC01

Compact and strong machine for cut cover material 45°, useful for book block round corner cutter off line, able to prepare material for integral cases

Children Board Book Line

High speed children board book line for glue page to page books with layflat effect. Solution able to produce full pages books, puzzle, windows, other ..

Compact casing in Line

PT series casing in machine are the automatic compact line for casing in traditional books in automatic way.  

New delivery in Mauritius


See how the leader in Agenda, Diaries production in Mauritius realize his books high quality! After the investment in one Ribbon Insert Machine in the 2019, the acquire a new ELASTIC BAND MACHINE PEM01. Now a complex job as the application of elastic by hand become a simple operation for them.


New installaltion in FRANCE

A brand new Elastic Band machine in operation in FRANCE to one of the leader in notebook , agenda, diaries production. Ready for the new season some company still continue to invest out of effect of Corona Virus. Lern more how system works and contact us for an offer on way to be ready for your new season !


Service and spare parts

We offer installation and service for your equipmet. Under machine model and type exist one program for safety your future ! the teleservice is available on medium and big model. We are equipped with tools machines for produce in house spareparts and stock of commercial are available as well.


Contact us for more details.


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